Tips For Maintaining A New Car

A new car is an investment worth protecting. The good news is that newer cars have much less need for ongoing maintenance than older vehicles, but when you make the decision to buy a new vehicle there are still some steps of preventative maintenance to take care of in order to ensure your investment lasts as long and retains its value. To do this we have come up with 5 tips which every driver should keep on hand when they purchase their next ride!

-Check tire pressure regularly: This might be something that comes naturally to some people, but having appropriate air pressure on all four tires can make a difference in how well they operate and ultimately save money on gas consumption over time. There should never be more than 25 pounds per square inch difference between the four tires.

-Change your air filter (when necessary): The average car owner will change their air filters about once a year or every 20,000 miles; consult your owner’s manual if you’re not sure of what to do when it needs changed. Putting in a new one can help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from the vehicle’s engine.

-Get an oil change: This is always good for any kind of vehicle, but especially so for newer cars that have been designed with lower emissions than older models–check manufacturer recommendations on how often this should be done as well as owners’ manuals before doing anything yourself on this front. It may vary depending on driving habits whether some people need more frequent changes while others can go longer periods.

-Keep up with towing las vegas : Make sure your coolant, brake fluid, and other needed liquids are all topped off as necessary–a quick check of one or two at a time is enough for this; you may need to fill some from scratch if they’re low. Otherwise, consult owners’ manuals on where these should be checked in general terms (such as checking engine oil).

-Do regular checks of basic parts like bulbs and wiper blades: You’ll want to replace any that have gone out before they can cause damage from not working properly or making driving difficult due to limited visibility when it rains. If there’s anything else that needs attention but isn’t mentioned here, look up the owner